Funding the Future

Funding the Future

Managed by Investors for Investors

The Analytics Ventures Fund is managed by a group of highly experienced technology investors who have the knowledge and expertise to finance and grow the portfolio companies. Our funding model enables entrepreneurs and investors alike to tap into the potential of the fastest growing area of technology – Artificial Intelligence.

Entrepreneurs Turned Investors

As part of the Analytics Ventures studio ecosystem, our AV Fund is focused exclusively on supporting our ventures. This enables investors to receive significantly higher ownership stakes in the companies, providing investors and start-ups with unique opportunities to reap the benefits of revolutionary new AI-based businesses and technologies.

Formation Through Market Launch

Each venture goes through a highly controlled and accountable formation framework that provides the highest level of predictability and accountability from inception through market launch. Being a fund that starts new AI-enabled businesses, our overall objective is to build industry disrupting ventures that are being validated via a public, revenue generating market launch as quickly and efficiently as possible, often within a six-month period. We are fast, agile, and have a proven execution model that allows everybody to focus on what's needed to incubate, validate, and launch innovative AI-based businesses.

Benefits of Our Approach

Supporting companies at their very inception, taking them through a proven formation and launch process, and providing them with the tools they need to succeed – Analytics Ventures is positioned to create real value for our investors in what promises to be the greatest industrial revolution to date - Artificial Intelligence.

Founder equity in addition to investment equity

Working sessions for investors and entrepreneurs

Preferred direct investment opportunity into ventures