Venture Beyond the Expected

Venture Beyond the Expected

Meet Our Ventures

Analytics Ventures launches AI focused companies across an array of industries including: healthcare diagnostics/treatment, sustainable energy, distributed digital workload processing, advertising, stock trading and more. We are proud to have supported the inception and growth of the following ventures.


The next generation workload processing platform that enables you to recapture unused desktop resources to reduce your costs, improve efficiency, enhance security

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We provide financial investors with the ability to become part of the most advanced use of Artificial Intelligence for financial markets.

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AI solutions that speed time to delivery, save upfront costs, reduce risk, and deliver optimized results that make an immediate business impact.

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Developing the next generation of medical image analysis for mammography.

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Precision medicine finding cancer treatments - enter the new standard of patient care.

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A brand new, non-thermal technology which uses electric field induced pH changes to amplify DNA.

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Zerise is developing the AI operating system for Microgrids and Distributed Energy Resources (DER).

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AI-driven digital advertising.


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