January 9, 2019

Analytics Ventures Strengthens Board with Execs from Qualcomm Life, Software AG and GE Ventures

The Fund’s Newest Members Will Lend Years of Technical and Business Acumen to Assist in Forming and Fostering Game-changing Startups in Artificial Intelligence

SAN DIEGO, JAN. 9, 2019Analytics Ventures, a venture studio fund dedicated to creating and building companies that harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI), today announced the addition of three new members to its advisory board: Richard Valencia, president of Qualcomm Life; Dr. Michael Zeller, senior vice president of AI strategy and innovation at Software AG; and Kiva Allgood, chief commercial development officer at GE Ventures and Business Innovation. With specialized backgrounds spanning healthcare, telecommunications, software, big data, and information technology, each new member will play a critical role in helping Analytics Ventures ideate, form and fund brand new ventures in AI.

“From the very beginning, Analytics Ventures has differentiated itself from other fund environments—delivering a unique front-to-end infrastructure designed to support the success of each of our portfolio companies. Apart from offering access to our proprietary AI lab and esteemed team of data scientists, we also have a deep bench of advisors who provide invaluable experience and proficiency across a wide range of industries,” said Navid Alipour, managing partner, Analytics Ventures. “With the addition of Richard Valencia, Dr. Michael Zeller, and Kiva Allgood, we not only diversify our board expertise, but we effectively position every venture—now and in the future—for long-term growth and profitability.”

Much like the advent of the internet age, or the industrial revolution before it, AI is rapidly evolving to penetrate and automate every corner of every business, transcending industries. As Analytics Ventures has seen through the inception of its most recent ventures—dynam.AI and Kazuhm, and AlphaTrAI, the opportunities and applications are endless. AI can inform superior algorithms that use time series data to create models tailored to customers’ business needs; or it may empower enterprise organizations to harness compute resources in new ways to save time and money. AI can even improve the performance of financial trading platforms, among other things.

“The healthcare industry has been one of the most notable beneficiaries of emerging technologies and advances in automation and connectivity. These things are essential if we’re to continue to enhance patient care at the personal and professional levels,” said Richard Valencia, president of Qualcomm Life. “Analytics Ventures has already demonstrated an aptitude for harnessing AI in the medical field via its work with CureMatch and CureMetrix. In joining its advisory board, I know I’ll be working alongside some of the brightest minds in the world to help create the new gold standard of healthcare, predicated on AI.”

“Helping organizations deepen and accelerate insights from big data through the power of machine learning, predictive analytics, and data science has been my passion ever since my university days and research roles,” said Dr. Michael Zeller, senior vice president of AI strategy and innovation at Software AG. “My new advisory role on Analytics Ventures’ board enables me to come full circle, and I welcome the opportunity to help start-ups navigate global market dynamics, while also developing a competitive position in the world economy.”

“I’ve experienced the power of bringing analytics to the edge. If executed properly it improve outcomes, creates new business models and can transform industries. Analytics Ventures has one of the most robust and seasoned data science teams and proven business models and I’m excited to join the Advisory Board to help bring AI solutions to the edge,” added Kiva Allgood, chief commercial development officer at GE Ventures and Business Innovation.


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