December 15, 2018

Analytics Ventures Named Best Venture Capital Firm for AI by Awards.AI

Firm Recognized for Helping Usher in New Wave of AI-based Companies Across Healthcare, Medicine, Advertising Technology, Computing, Energy and Finance Industries.

Analytics Ventures, a fund dedicated to creating and building venture companies that harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, today received recognition as the Best Venture Capital Firm for AI by Awards.AI—the first and biggest global achievement awards for artificial intelligence. Now entering its fourth year, the awards program highlights achievements across a number of industries, and recipients range from start-ups to well-established companies, and individuals. This year, the Awards.AI program featured 52 awards across six categories.

Analytics Ventures believes that the best approach to make AI innovations relevant and successful is via an “all-in-one” formation model that provides new ventures with a well-structured and organized approach of execution. Analytics Ventures ideates, forms, funds, and launches brand new AI ventures with a focus on time-series data. The firm is directly responsible for creating and fostering an ecosystem of over 70 employees, including some of the world’s top data scientists.

“The world is at the earliest stage of the next industrial revolution via the maturation of artificial intelligence, generation of growing amounts of data, and improved power of computing systems,” said Navid Alipour, managing partner of Analytics Ventures. “As with any significant change to the course of humanity, innovation and development of brand new approaches are necessary for longevity. That is what drives us at Analytics Ventures, every day, to work towards discovering and empowering the next generation of technology through AI. And we’re pleased to receive validation of our efforts from the prestigious and global Awards.AI program.

To date, Analytics Ventures has nine ventures comprising its portfolio, in industries spanning healthcare, medicine, advertising technology, computing, energy, and finance. Fueled by artificial intelligence algorithms and an in-house AI lab of 15 data scientists, each venture is uniquely prepared to disrupt and transform its respective fields, while positively impacting humanity in the process

Ventures launched in 2018 include: Dynam.AI, which has developed a suite of AI algorithms to help businesses in any industry, of any size, build and harness AI capabilities; Kazuhm, a digital workload management solution that leverages desktop recapturing to maximize computer processing; and AlphaTrAI, an advanced AI-driven financial trading platform for stocks.

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About Awards.AI

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