All Under One Roof

Analytics Ventures (AV) is a venture studio fund dedicated to the inception of new ventures harnessing innovations in Artificial Intelligence. Located in San Diego, California we have built a comprehensive venture ecosystem that includes our own full-time lab of leading AI scientists, an end-to-end operations team, and our own venture fund. We believe that Artificial Intelligence is still in the early stages of its maturity cycle, and as such, the biggest value in the field continues to come from entrepreneurs, researchers, and early-stage investors. We partner with corporations, researchers, and entrepreneurs to provide a proven execution model and best in class AI expertise.

Our Lab

Analytics Ventures' state-of-the-art onsite lab, headed by our team of renowned data scientists, is equipped to solve today's most challenging problems in areas such as healthcare diagnostics and treatment, sustainable energy, distributed compute resource optimization, and beyond. See how they help our ventures transform their industry through AI-based innovation.

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A Venture Studio

The venture studio model offers an unmatched opportunity for creativity, professional growth, and success for our venture partners. It features a world-class team of professionals in the areas of data science, HR, finance, office management, and marketing - all ready to spring into action around visionary new ways to use AI technology.

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The AV Fund

Our fund is managed by a group of highly experienced technology investors who have the knowledge and expertise to finance and help grow ventures from inception on. Our funding model enables investors to tap into the potential of the fastest growing area of technology – AI.

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Launching Successful AI Companies

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